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First, the good or service to be marketed :
Many companies targeted from the beginning as companies and tourism marketing companies and Real Estate brokerage and transportation companies and other businesses that already exist but lack the marketing method eBook and a successful marketing plan .
These companies have a pre- aim , which is seeking to achieve is to increase the proportion of customers and maintain existing customers .

As for the individuals who hear so much about profit through the Internet and wonder how this ? ?
There are many styles for-profit project through Internet Partner With Pete sites
The most important is to put Google ads on the site

Second, set up a website specialist for this item or service :
It must be all in the site urges and motivates the visitor to purchase taking into account an accurate description of the product without exaggeration to speak about In and described, and must take into account that the site is not overpriced in its design or stripes , and must be designed describes Item which we marketed , Creating a site for company Tourism differs from the establishment of site properties different from the profile of the site differs from the site of the Games and so on , Partner With Pete their design and colors and a view of its own.

The site must be easy to navigate for any visitor and not easy to navigate from your point of view only , so you should view the site after its establishment close to you , and whom you will learn if your site will be easy for visitors or missing something
Know that he will not get lost someone inside his house , so do not take things from the perspective of only one not from your point of view only .

EBook successful marketing advantages : -
- Access to the customer anywhere , and the possibility of selling the product outside the scope of the company’s headquarters and open new markets .
- Target groups and different nationalities from all over the world.
- Speed ​​access your product or service to the consumer direct .
- Reduce spending on the ads , which do not cover the paper , but a simple class of customers .
- Publicizing the name of the product and the brand in general , comprehensive and on a wider segment of customers .
- Easy to convince the customer to the product .
- Reducing the use of delegates and rely on modern technologies .
- The customer can see and follow your offers first first paper other than advertising and other traditional methods of advertising .
- Continuous communication with the client through the mailing lists .
Third, the development of a marketing plan Court :
Of the main roads leading to the completion of the process of marketing the following:
- Free Ads Site.
- The use of search engines and Thih site for search engines.
- Add your site to guide the various sites .
- System paid Google ads (google AdWords)
- Marketing through emails and e-mail
- SMS via mobile phones (SMS).


Partner With Pete

Partner With Pete Review

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Marketing of science that has not received its share of attention in our markets , and therefore find most people confuse between them and the sale or advertising and are just two of the many functions of marketing .

In this article we will discuss in some detail the science of marketing, which focuses on the basis of its activity and the consumer and their needs and desires to achieve a profit for both the company and the client.

We will look for the components of the marketing mix of product, price, place , promotion and try to link them by Arab markets . I try what I could cry from academic theorizing examples of tangible reality .
Has become the marketing function of the important functions of any project profit whether legitimate commercial or industrial or service activity , but the marketing activities since the seventies calendar of the last century has become one of the fundamental activities of any non-profit organization whether including non-governmental organizations ( service ministries ) or civil society organizations, non- -profit organizations such as charities .
Marketing is the science and art has to do with everything you need organizations of research and marketing studies precedes the production of a good or service ; in order to identify the needs and desires of the target audience , it also has a relationship with all the activities of the organization that tracked the production of a good or service , such as: promotion activities of advertising and publicity and sale of personal , and distribution activities , transportation, storage , and development activities and design the product, pricing and activities valued commodity and all that follows this activity from cuts .
Marketing is the cornerstone of the success of any organization where the interests of the bulk of the marketing function was originally directed to the attention of the customer service and work to satisfy . Has emerged clearly the importance of the role played by marketing to keep customers organized and particularly in an era of globalization , and the cultured conscious consumer choices in front of him , and intense competition .

Lets promotion on the Internet and new ways with which to interact closely and more effectively than with customers in the methods of traditional promotion , and despite the fact that it might be interesting to you when planning a campaign promotions on the Internet, however, it means at the same time that you should be very careful in how to use such possibilities ; for example , it is possible that allows you to promote through e-mail messages to send your message directly to the public that it is your choice . However, the sending e-mails to people they did not request or send e-mail messages too much to those who request may adversely affect the reputation of your company .

Rating Web sites :

When talking about promotion and advertising campaigns through the Internet , it is useful to classify Web sites into two categories: sites that sell advertising services and sites that bought advertising services , and despite the fact that these two categories encompass some overlap of practice, both separate from the other and allows and useful ways to identify the roles that should be carried out by the Web sites .

1 – sites publishing the press :

We can call on the sites provide advertising services sites publishing the press , and rely on these sites to provide advertising services in exchange for some of the expenses. Although the ads provided by these sites include marketing messages , but they do not constitute the bulk of the primary site.

2 – marketing sites :

These sites do not rely on advertising for revenue , but seeks primarily to the sale of the product. In fact , it may not be in favor of your company’s website marketed to be having any advertisements at all . It is the title of these sites is clear to us that the goal of which third-party marketing products marketed these sites do not bother to market other people’s products . It could be argued that most of the sites , retailers dealing in the field of e-commerce fall into this category .

3 – overlapping categories of Web sites :

These types of sites interfere with each other when one chooses the organizers of the marketing sites sell ads in a minimalistic , for example, when deciding responsible for a marketing sites with a limited marketing budget to join a private network tapes commercial advertising on the Web , they find themselves in this Status forced to offer such tapes ad on their site for the benefit of other members of the network , in contrast, will show the tapes of their own advertising on sites of other members .

Other examples of overlap when the officials of the site , which depends on the content declaration at the site of entry or the location of the sites with rates visit high , although the sites that depend on the content depends on advertising to reap revenue , they need to prepare ads for their own expansion mass base of readers.

In both cases, we find that the primary objective of both sites remains the same , which is the advertising industry , and it can be said in this regard that the e-commerce site , which is engaged in the field of tapes ad still runs on a marketing position slightly in the publishing press .

On the other hand , the sites that rely on content sites is still a private publishing journalist working in the field of marketing with little .

Partner With Pete Methods of promotion:

1 – promoted through the tapes ad :

The tapes ad is the most common form of advertising web common and prevalent today , in other words, we say that Internet users see such ads everywhere on the Web, and others use the term tapes ad only to refer to the ads horizontal petition, which he sees at the bottom and the top of Web pages, while others use Partner With Pete phrase to describe a web video ads of every shape and size .

In any case, the tapes ad is the means number one to promote products on the Internet in spite of the ongoing controversy raised about its effectiveness , and allegedly some experts Web that tapes ad is not effective and it is a waste of time devoted to marketing campaigns where it has become a common degree made ​​web users do not stop when observed on the other hand , supporters of the tapes shows the ad that studies indicate that the tapes ad increase public awareness of the advertised product , then they are a means of value in any promotion campaign on the Internet for your Partner With Pete project.